Thursday, 24 March 2011

do not blem it on any.

light from the begging we are created be in this condition, no body's fault. things tune out the way they are today because some thing makes it that way, all this happen for a resin and the answer is not yet to be revile check for his for a moment our every day life we all live by expectations without knowing what will happen next but also fell to understand that the day we live in has all writing and predicted by Almighty he has already design it before it came at the same time only him knows how it is and what it's. then things get more though fer than the way it use to be, people started complains here and there looking for some one to carry the blame and we all blame the governments and all the rulers because is their job to protect the massifs and the governments them self also has their own problem for that resin every body were confused. anger, hatred, stilling and war become our daily food but we forget that we are not the one that makes the rules of the day the gods do. And only them can change it but they can not, why?  yes the truth is that the days of man here on earth are evil what we do in our daily life is unspeakable and we are ready to change from it on that resin they are not ready to make things easy for us since we depend on our human wisdom and forget that they are the one who gives it to us but we fill that is enough for us, so they thinks like this you don't want to be what i want you to be then live with it. this is voice of the God speaking thanks for your time bay.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

have a good heart.

yea i know you will be wondering on my topic, have a good heart is two ages word one of it is like telling you to have a good heart. The other is for the good people always have a good heart. and question is in which part did you falling to?. well were ever it touches you" you already know what to do. But encase you do not understands this what i mine have a good heart i am simply telling you that is important in your life to have a good heart (1) it bring you good luck. (2) it build you with a good images. (3) you will know how to love natural. All this is sure to a good heart. or you can chose the heart of stone the type that has no change, a wicked heart is a heart of the witch craft has no repentance in it. be careful of such hearts they can poison your own heart if not been careful and kill while laughing with you pretending to be on your side. be mindful of such heart they can do any thing. Things you can never expects, when people with such heart come around you please do not give them chance thinking you can handle them they are very dangerous, beer this in mind they have the most longest lips and also very presence wetting for the light time to finished you off they are the green sneak in the green glace and there tongue is as vipers tongue and once they strike no cure for their poison. i am here today telling you evil genius have a change of heart today so that you may see good in your life have a good heart today or perished. and as for you better person be careful so you wont be corrupt by evil heart....thanks you for your time see you on the next editions.. 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The good people

the truth about this is" the good people get to suffer more than the bad eggs. now here the truth it's cost so much to be good and light from the begin evil has already try to take over the world but a good personality came to stop it so their is war between good and bad. after the war he left because he came for some thing so important, like you know live and fight another day is a very wise diction and he left to prepaid for a better war. a war he will surely win but since than it look like who ever try to be good get double suffer for been good. to tell you their is reword for your good did. it pay to be good no mater what you are passing through keep doing it because it wort it and he is coming back to finish what he has started an telling you today he knows you and what you did even the once you do with good and bad intention he knows you. tell those who never knows that he knew them. so as for you who decide to be good just know that their is cross to carry and is a must carry cross. thanks to you all. bay.