Saturday, 12 March 2011

The good people

the truth about this is" the good people get to suffer more than the bad eggs. now here the truth it's cost so much to be good and light from the begin evil has already try to take over the world but a good personality came to stop it so their is war between good and bad. after the war he left because he came for some thing so important, like you know live and fight another day is a very wise diction and he left to prepaid for a better war. a war he will surely win but since than it look like who ever try to be good get double suffer for been good. to tell you their is reword for your good did. it pay to be good no mater what you are passing through keep doing it because it wort it and he is coming back to finish what he has started an telling you today he knows you and what you did even the once you do with good and bad intention he knows you. tell those who never knows that he knew them. so as for you who decide to be good just know that their is cross to carry and is a must carry cross. thanks to you all. bay.

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