Saturday, 2 April 2011

on a good day

just one sunny day never known a any good will come my way, not even a dream of it but came to live for all my eye never take about it why shouldent i? i am not afred any more i have been bone no more going back not for any thing i have find the truth and it bitter and hard. but the best no matter how long it will surely revile it self. many a times not what you think of it but what it think of you. sincere to your self it will surely be. it always be not for your sincerelity but your sincerelity gave the chance. for a very long time i have been cheesing what to more than what i am doing now and it all come i will live all nagetive thought behind and face it like i was bone to it, just be there for me in my hard and good times i love you all.

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