Friday, 8 April 2011

confusion not confuised

some times in a man life he have to ask some question on things he have been seen or hard and that is not even enough. till the end of time man have to do the things he thinks was light and who told you that what you have just don is light and how do you know?. you know the truth and because is very hard to tell and practice for that resin you like to live in confusion only on that state of mind will you convince your self. that is total lie and you know finding your problem is an opportunity for you to move on without fear and never live in regret that is were your freedom come. 1, finding truth is one thing doing it is another. 2, when you find it is always biter so you may not like it but the more biter it's the more life it bring. 3, having enough time to wait for it come is another thing but wait for it; he will surly Liberate from all kind of pain and never let you wound your heart. when you are confused so many things went long. you lose all the time you are confused at that time you can not think clear mistake will be companion at each point of time in your life know were you stand it matters you have to be the man in the game if your problem affect you physiologically then you are Dom for life your problem will take over your authority and control you. the only way is that you will have to understand that the wold is a painful place have this at the back of your mind and you will never suffer. suffer only come when you allow it to come in between your head.......................

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